Child Haircut
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The Hair Cutting Co. The Best Barbershop in Indianapolis.

If your child needs a haircut then he certainly isn’t too young to go to the best barbershop in Indianapolis. The sooner you bring him, the easier it will be. A lot of people wait until they are older then the kids get scared and freak out. For some kids, the trip to the barbershop is what’s frightening. Think about it. Your a toddler, and are entering a strange, funny smelling environment; sometimes getting lightly teased and made a fuss over by some of the assembled patrons there; only to climb into a large, odd-looking contraption; and wrapped in plastic garments. Then BUZZ! There’s this strange contraption buzzing your tiny head.

What to expect at the Best Barbershop in Indianapolis.child haircut at the best barbershop in indianapolis

Talk, look, and listen to the barbers to see if there is anyone you would want cutting your child’s hair. Take the time to meet the barber and ask a few questions about his or her experience. You should feel comfortable about the barber cutting your child’s hair for their very first time. Though inevitably, some kids are just plain nervous.

If you suspect this might be the case with your child, try cutting your toddler’s hair at home while he sits on the floor and looks at something other than his own tense face in a mirror his favorite video game, perhaps, or a simple puzzle you’ve set up to distract him. If his fear is really focused on those scissors, try substituting clippers or a long-handled razor instead. Having a friend or sibling nearby can also help put your toddler at ease.

When coming to The Hair Cutting Co, the best barbershop in Indianapolis, there are certain things that you will always receive. Expect your barber to be :

  • Clean
  • Cost sensitive
  • Quick
  • A nice comfortable place to sit
  • Remember your and your child’s name after a few visits
  • And prepared to chat with everyone about almost anything

From TV and films it seems that some barber shops are places where guys can talk honestly and be themselves. That’s what the barbershop is all about, the experience. At the the best barbershop in Indianapolis, your visit to the barbershop is never an intrusion, just another visit amongst good friends. After your first visit at The Hair Cutting Co, your kiddo will be begging to come again and again!


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Written by darrin m